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Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
.2 million nos six years. and what the people ihas not been announced that he will coach in the rose bowl. is it a bit of jealousy? you always have used the kron of reporters but i always like to use the kron staff and outside sources. >> you have a staff. and there is our outside >> and keep that on kevin hart thank-you for dressing up. oh my gosh! a la and weather or not the wisconsin will continue to coach on a new year's day. >> this flier has no the heisman trophy. now, people is providing tweets. johnny is going to be the first freshman to when the most coveted prize for the 11th straight year. stiff arm trophy .com has predicted the winner and look at it jason. stiff arm is predicted manzille to win and klein out of kansas state... i guess that takes the fun out of debt. i would sit and wait did mention that kevin is my outside source. in this super media world, we know everything. and the reason why i have to show. >> 11? >> have your jokes. because everybody knows the results of the game. >> back in 1999, 78 percent of the people that stayed up to watch sports wanted to find ou
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
we can for the country. it seems like he ihas made his decision. what is it going to take to get the rest of the folks to go along with him? >> we will not really know that until tomorrow. one of the problems they're going to face is what we're hearing is that they do not expect to be able to turn of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts set to hit in january. the obama administration has some ability to blunt the effect of those cuts, but there are lot of people in the republican party especially for upset with the cuts that would hit the pentagon. it may be difficult to rally republican votes if they cannot turn off the sequester. and the democratic side, the estate tax could be a problem. republicans are insisting that the estate tax stay at current .evels, which is exemp many democrats would like to see -- in january, it is scheduled to go up automaticalldramatically. most democrats want to see something in the middle. they are adamant that we cannot exempt states as large as $5 million. >> lori montgomery, do we expect anything going on today, and if not, when is the ea
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2